The Chemung County Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce a new background screening partnership with the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce. Members of the Chemung County Chamber of Commerce will be eligible for discounted rates for any screening service offered through this partnership.

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce has been in the background screening industry for over 20 years and their services are being utilized by organizations of all sizes, nationwide. Their highly trained Consumer Reporting Agents (CRA) work diligently to ensure your peace of mind and confidence when onboarding new employees or volunteers for your business.

The Value of Employment Background Screenings

Background screening is a crucial step that provides your business a better understanding of who you are working with and can protect your company from unnecessary expenses or lawsuits.

  • Peace of Mind – Nearly 50% of applicants falsify information on their resumes. This poses a risk to businesses, as it makes it near impossible to trust a candidate’s information at surface-level.

Our CRA’s are trained to look for red flags when conducting screenings to ensure that your candidates have provided honest information that allows you to make a well-informed decision.

  • Create a Safer Workplace – The driving force behind employers deciding to implement background screenings is for the safety of your current employees as well as public safety. Your due diligence can help uncover certain violent, aggressive, or otherwise unsafe behaviors your prospective candidate has demonstrated.
  • Reduce Negligence – Not many businesses are aware that there are state/federal requirements to run most criminal background verifications and specialized searches like social media screening. In most cases these searches need to be performed by a third party. Conducting these searches in house can allow for potential discrimination and negligence lawsuits. Studies show that employers lose cases relating to these about 70% of the time, and the average lawsuit is estimated to be around $1 million.
  • Penalties for Lack of Compliance – In some industries, background screenings are required by local, state, or federal statutes. These regulations are constantly changing and come with a large price tag if not handled correctly or are found out of compliance. When partnering with a trusted background screening agency like Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce, we not only educate you on screening regulations related to your business, we also give you the tools to ensure you stay in compliance.

What Makes Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s Background Screening Different?

As technology and workplace trends are constantly evolving, so does the state of the background screening industry. Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is committed to offering the highest level of customer care while ensuring that all reports remain in compliance with state background screening and FCRA laws.

Key benefits to Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce’s services and background screening platform:

  • Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce uses the #1 background screening platform in the industry. This secured and user-friendly platform now allows our CRA’s to turn around your candidate’s criminal results at an extremely fast rate.
  • The system allows employers to send their applicants a secured email/text link to begin the background screening process, saving you time and money.
  • The platform is currently integrated with all the major HRIS and Applicant Tracking Systems in the business.
  • Our dedicated CRA’s ensure that you and your team are fully comfortable using our system and are educated on the latest background screening practices. We offer free system demos and training to all our valued clients.

For a complete list of the background screening services/drug screening services or more information about utilizing background screenings into your business, please fill out the Contact Us form below or reach out to us directly:

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