No single factor has a greater impact on members’ bottom line than government. Legislation, regulations, and restrictions often take a toll on business. Fortunately, the Chamber has a receptive and dedicated delegation of elected officials, and productive affiliations with organizations including The Business Council of New York State and Unshackle Upstate.

Public Affairs Council (PAC)

The Public Affairs Council studies relevant issues, drafts policy proposals and advocates positions on behalf of member firms. PAC relentlessly explores issues and advocates on behalf of business. We partner with local and statewide organization to make sure the voice of business is heard. Some of the organizations we partner with are The Business Council, Chamber Alliance of New York State, Unshackle Upstate and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.  In recent years, the committee:

  • Supported downtown revitalization funding and projects.
  • Championed Elmira Corning Regional Airport growth.
  • Backed roadwork and infrastructure improvements, including urging completion of Interstate 86.
  • Encouraged financial reform to remove obstacles to funding Main Street businesses.
  • Monitored and analyzed tax reform efforts.
  • Joined New Yorkers for Affordable Energy, Stop the HIT Tax, and Workers’ Compensation Reform initiatives.
  • Hosted briefing sessions with government leaders.

Public Affairs Council Roster


The Convention & Visitors  Bureau (CVB)

The Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) is a committee of representatives from member attractions, restaurants, and accommodations who strive to cross-promote each other and promote the region as a whole, to visitors as well as locals.  The Convention & Visitor’s Bureau partners with organizations like Finger Lakes Wine Country, Finger Lakes Tourism Alliance, and I Love NY to assist in  the promotion of the Southern Finger Lakes region.

Convention & Visitor’s Bureau Roster


Business Education Roundtable

The Chamber’s Business Education Roundtable (BER) cultivates a crucial dialogue between members of the local business and education communities. As we navigate Workforce Development and Skills Training issues in the Southern Tier Region to develop the workforce of the future, the relationship between business and education becomes even more critical to our success. Committee focal points include:

  • Fiscal, political and educational challenges faced by local school districts.
  • Workforce development issues and needs.
  • Fostering hard technical skills as well as critical soft skills like strong work ethic, teamwork, and commitment, in students as well as workers.

Business Education Roundtable Roster